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3219 Barkwood Circle Spring Front.JPGBellevue WI real estate has traditionally been in an area that hasn't seen a lot of development. Recently, the town has started to expand as people are leaving the city and making their way toward the quieter suburbs. At the last census, the population of Bellevue was estimated to be at 15,000 and growing rapidly.

Parks And Rec

Bellevue real estate is worth buying because of the open spaces that are provided to citizens. You can take your kids out for a walk, play a game of basketball or plan a picnic all within a few miles of your home. While you are out, you are going to get a chance to see a lot of plants and animals that add color to an already scenic landscape. If you are a hunting enthusiast, recent changes to the gun laws allow you to hunt in Bellevue.


The most important events in Bellevue are the regular rummage sales that residents can take part in. If you are thinking about cleaning out your attic, you have a good reason to do so. You never know when you are going to find something of value that is available for free or for a lower than market price at the next rummage sale.


Bellevue WI homes are located near Green Bay. This means that you won't have to drive far to see Green Bay Packers games or visit the University of Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Brewers baseball team is also within driving distance. The Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers are both known for their outstanding football teams while the Brewers have had varying degrees of success over the past several years.

Real estate in Bellevue is an investment that anyone would want to make. Whether you want to buy an income property, a house to grow your family or a starter home for yourself, Bellevue homes for sale can help you meet your goals. You can schedule an appointment to talk about Bellevue homes with a real estate agent by emailing or calling right now.

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